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Lava Flow- They Call It The "Seducer." The Smooth And Warm Hits Of Coconuts Blended Together With Sweet Hawaiian Pineapple And Sweet Red Strawberries To Give It An Extra Kick For You Pina Coloda Lovers

Really Berry-Present To You An Explosion Flavor Of Sweet And Fresh Picked Blueberries Combine With Bursting Flavor Of Rich Complexity Hints Of Blackberries Bitter Tartness And Topped With Lemon Sugar Drizzle.

American Patriot - A Classic In Which Highly Anticipated Tobacco Series Delivering Same Flavor Experience From Your Actual Usual Brand

Frost Bite- Breath Taking And Exhilarating Combination Of Sweet Golden Pineapple Mix With Cool Mellow Honeydew Melon And Refreshing Kick Of Sweet Cantaloupe And Cold Hints Of Mint..

Brain Freeze-The Perfect Combination Of Sweet Red Ripe Strawberries With The Slight Tartness Of Kiwi and Sourness Of Exotic Ruby Red Pomegranates Beads To Give The Full Ice Cold Happy-Hours Sensation

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